10 Amazing Benefits of Getting Outside and Why You Should do it

There are several benefits of getting outside; if we don’t stop to smell the roses, we will never understand them.

Sure, there is the more professional stuff you see on Healthline and other sources, but we always want to give you the finer perspective from real people who do outdoor things.

So, we wanted to give you insight into why getting up and out is beneficial and how we can take advantage of it.

We don’t always have to climb a mountain or plan a whole camping trip; it just requires us to step outside and see what’s out there literally.

Instead of driving, take a walk and see what’s out there.

Instead of sticking your nose in your phone for your lunch break, go somewhere you’ve never gone before and have lunch there.

We can do a lot, and they come with many positive things.

Benefits of Getting Outside


We all live in a digital bubble, and sometimes we forget that there’s a lot out there that we can use for our benefit.

We have an amazing planet that we live on and call home, providing us with more than we think.

These natural gifts are there for us if we want to use them, and come with many benefits.

Today, I want to share some with you, hoping it pushes you to want to get outside more.

These digital lives we live are extraordinary, but when we use what we have around us, it can make things even more incredible.

1. Gives You a Break From Reality

It’s no secret that everyone and their mothers have their faces stuck on their devices.

I’m guilty, and I’m sure 99% of you are.

The other 1% don’t have a device and will probably never read this post.

We can yack at our kids all we want about being on their devices all the time, but if we don’t look in the mirror, we will think nothing is wrong.

If you don’t want to be a hypocrite, get off your phone and get outside.

With your family, unless you’re unmarried and have no kids.

Whatever your situation, get your butt up and out of your house.

I know there are many reasons kids don’t play outside anymore, but please don’t let it be because you aren’t making time for them.

2. Improves Physical Health

No matter what you do outside, it will always benefit your health.


You will be moving, most likely sweating (if it isn’t winter), and your brain will be focused on something other than your phone.

Don’t you feel different just from going outside?

Don’t you feel like you’ve done something, even if you just left your house?

Getting outside has many physical benefits, but don’t forget that your mind is powerful.

3. Saves You Money

I know we feel that everything we do in life comes with a price tag, but it doesn’t.

Well, some things don’t, including some stuff in the great outdoors.

There are many outdoor activities for kids, and although there are pay-to-play places these days, remember that we are equipped with a lot that we don’t use.

Our backyards are a great place to start but don’t forget that you can always visit some parks, playgrounds, or even a nice piece of grass.

Consider buying a BBQ grill, and the amount of activity and changing up lunch and dinner every now and then will save you more than just money.

4. Sunshine

Sunshine is good for you, no matter what.

Although experts from the National Cancer Institute say that…

“Exposure to UV radiation causes aging of the skin and damage that can lead to skin cancer”

National Cancer Institute

We all know that the sun is necessary for living, and it wouldn’t be there if we didn’t need it.

In this modern world, we spend too much time indoors, and we need to find ways to get more vitamin D.

Just don’t forget to protect yourself from getting a sunburn, because we all know how painful those are.

This is one of the best benefits of getting outside.

5. Gives You a Breath of Fresh Air

When was the last time you sucked in a breath of fresh air?

Some of you might not live in a place with the freshest air but think about what you’re breathing indoors.

Are you really avoiding the air outside?

Probably not, and sometimes it’s not that bad.

For the most part, though, the air outside is always fresher than the air inside.

And that fresh breath is one of the better benefits of getting outside.

6. Relieves Stress

Something about being outside gets you away from the world and its craziness.

Whether it be a lovely sunset, the beautiful greenery that comes with nature, or the incredible architecture right outside your house.

The outdoors does fantastic things, and relieving stress is just one of them.

If you’re having a hard day, week, or year, get outside and let mother nature do the rest.

7. Expands Your Thinking

Like breaking the norm, getting outside does a lot to your brain.

When things become boring and mundane, it takes away tons of creativity.

You get tunnel vision, and your creativity stops.

It’s happened to me many times with work, and when I decided to take my laptop outside, all kinds of ideas clicked.


So, if you’re going through some complacency or writer’s block, get outside, and you might fix your problem.

8. Helps With Depression

We all go through some rough times, and sometimes it can cause depression.

We lose interest in things, and it can be challenging to escape.

It’s not easy, and although I think most psychologists make things worse, you can always rely on the natural beauty that God has provided.

If you are feeling down or even anxious about things, get outside and appreciate everything.

Once you see more to appreciate in life, you’ll find the strength and energy to get through anything.

9. Expands Social Reach

As humans, we always want/need to interact with others, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

These days, a lot of that interaction is done online and on social media, but it doesn’t mean we need to be a part of the norm.

The pandemic has also put a dent in actual human interaction, but even that shouldn’t stop us from seeing each other face-to-face.

If you want to meet people, there’s no better way than simply getting outside.

Walks in a park are a great place to start, but you can check out a gym and maybe consider taking on a recreational activity.

10. Improves Overall Well-Being

If there’s anything beneficial about getting outside, it will be your health.

Yes, you can talk about different parts of health, but overall, it helps with everything.

By getting outside, you open up opportunities for exercise and the possibility of finding a job you might enjoy.

Enjoy the comfort our homes offer, but do your body a favor and take it outside.

Getting outside has many benefits, and I’m sure you can see that now if you haven’t already.

Conclusion – There are Many Benefits of Getting Outside

Yes, you want to get outside, regardless of how busy your life is.

Remember that getting outside doesn’t mean you need to scale Mount Everest.

Just get out and enjoy something other than your office.

Go and play golf even if you’ve never done it before.

I gave it a shot during the pandemic, and boy, am I hooked.

There are other things you can do also, so don’t think that golf is the only thing you can do.

I also gave soccer a shot, and I used to play with RC cars.

I can go on and on, but I think I’ll do a post on that later.

Until then, don’t forget that getting outside has many benefits, so do me a favor.

Get outside!


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John is our outdoor specialist who has spent time in the army as an infantry scout. He loves the outdoors, and when he's not trying to get lost somewhere, you'll find him on the golf course or at the mall with his kids.

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