How to Pick Your First Bike Without Regretting Anything

Buying your first “real bike” is like buying a car and that is why I want to show you how to pick your first bike.

What seems like a simple choice is actually a lot more complicated than you think as there is a lot that goes into your first choice as there are many things to consider.

I’m almost certain that you remember your first bike but I don’t think I can say the same for the generations behind you.

With technology engulfing our children’s lives and a little disgust, I must appreciate what it has done for the bike world.

Back to your first bike…

Let’s just say that bikes are nothing like you have known about unless you’ve tried a full-blown mountain bike of some sort that weighs lighter than a spare tire and can climb a hill that you once used to push your bike up.

Yup, things have changed and I’m sure you would appreciate a nice bike if you experienced one for yourself.

So if you are in the market for a nice bike, let me help you in making your decision as this is going to be an investment like no other.

But before you start shopping around, let’s identify some of the key players in making your final decision.

How to Pick Your First Bike


When deciding on your first bike, most tend to go with what works at the moment.

There’s nothing wrong with that, especially with the fact that you can always resell it, utilizing the scale on Bicycle Blue Book.

However, sometimes you need to consider sevral things, as they will make your riding experience that much better.

So before you go thinking you need the cheapest bike on the rack, let’s see what you can do to help you figure out how to pick your first bike.

Your Needs

What do you need/want a bike for?

Are you planning to get in shape and do some cycling on some pavement or are you looking to hit some bike trails for a little adventure?

Do you need a simple commuter type bike to take you from point A to point B?

This is the first part of the selection process and probably the easiest decision to be made.

Don’t forget that you are not bound to just one type of bike as there are bikes for every situation and some that can give you the best of both or even all biking worlds.

Where Will You Ride?

I have lived in so many different places that I can relate to any of you looking to get a new bike.

I’ve had the luxury of having the opportunity to get on my bike and ride anywhere I wanted to and I have lived in some places that wouldn’t even give me the idea of getting one.

So before you purchase your soon to be new ride, think about where you live and how you will be using it.

Are you able to get on your bike and head to where ever it is that you need to be or do you live somewhere in the boondocks?

Do you live in a city but are still able to hit some bike trails if you wanted to?

I’m sure you get my point, so let’s get into other things that will make or break your next investment.

Your Experience Level

Being that this is your first bike, you are most likely a beginner.

In the modern biking world, experience comes in a different form and not through the miles you put on your BMX when you were a kid.

In this department, you need to understand things like gears, disc brakes, bike weight, etc.

There are many things to consider here too and although most bikes come ready to roll right out of the box, you still need to understand the basics so that you know what you are getting.

What you might not need now might be needed later and there’s no point in leaving it out if you could’ve had it included in the first place.

Your Style

I have a serious passion and appreciation for bikes and what they can do and I have yet to see one that I thought looked out of this world.

A bike is a simple but amazing invention that is pretty hard to screw up when it comes to the way it looks.

The frame has only so much space for you to get carried away, that a bike is usually going to look great unless you don’t like a color.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a nice little bike shop, you will know that they are all great looking.

Your Budget

This is probably where most of your decisions will be made.

You might want a bike more on the high end side but your wallet is saying no.

You might think you need a basic bike but paying a little more for some key features might just be in your best interest.

Go with what you can afford but do keep in mind that this is an investment that you don’t want to go cheap with.

There are way too many bikes to choose from that can fit your budget, your needs, and even your wants, so don’t settle for something just because you think that that’s all there is.

Now if you’re standing in the bike aisle at Wally World but can’t decide between the pink and blue one, you might be better off heading home and really thinking about things.

Go to a local bike shop and have them introduce you to other models that can match the price but offer a lot more.

Just remember that you do get what you pay for.

What Kind of Bike Do You Really Want?

Sure you can live in the city but that does not mean you need to get a bike just for the city.

If you have an interest in hitting up some mountains or bike trails, there is no reason why you can’t get a nice mountain bike for your first choice.

There are too many people that get a bike for one specific thing and then find themselves wanting a lot more after.

For those of you looking for a nice commute-style bike but think you might be interested in doing some mountain biking later, you definitely should go with something that can do the job.

If you know for a fact that you will only need a cruising bike, then get one.

Go with what your needs and wants entail but don’t limit yourself to just one style if your desires and lifestyle want more.


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