5 Best Ways to Prevent Sunburn and How to Avoid It

There are several ways to prevent sunburn, and sometimes it just takes a little help.

I’m in the sun often, so I guess it’s safe to say that I’m pretty good at understanding how all this outdoor stuff works.

If I’m not trying to improve my backyard, I’m probably grilling some steaks.

If I’m not watching my kids play soccer or some sport, I’m playing golf or practicing how to be better at golf.

Either way, I’m in the sun a lot, and it’s second nature to protect myself from it and its harmful UV rays.

I know everyone has their way of doing things, so you can always pick and choose from the different ways to prevent sunburn.

How to Prevent Sunburn


Sunburn sucks.

It’s painful, makes you look funny, and makes you one of the grouchiest people on the planet.

This all can be prevented (or can it?) if you take the necessary steps.

Some things may or may not work, but you should always do what it takes to prevent sunburn.

Don’t do it, and you will be kicking yourself in the butt and crying when someone touches your shoulders.

Don’t make that mistake, and check out these different ways to prevent sunburn.

1. Sunblock


This is the first thing everyone jumps to when they think of sunburn.

They feel this extra white cream is the solution to all their sunburn issues, and I guess you can say that’s fine.

You’re putting this oil-based cream on your body, and it feels like it is keeping the sun from penetrating your beautiful skin.

Well, it does, but to a certain extent.

So, if you want to prevent sunburn, sunblock would be your first line of defense.

2. Get as Much Shade as Possible


I know, I know.

This sounds silly, but this is one of the best ways to prevent sunburn.

If you don’t have to be out in direct sunlight, then don’t be.

Get under some shade and be prepared for when you have to go back out there again.

If you’re at the beach, take a break and find some shade.

3. Cover Up


One of the best ways to prevent sunburn is to cover everything that can be covered.

Your face, your arms, your neck, and whatever else you feel can be covered without hindering your activity.

Although covering up can definitely help prevent sunburn, you don’t always have to look like a mummy.

I see people do it all the time.

And even if I think they’re weird, you can bet that they are protecting their skin and preventing it from getting sunburned.

4. Wear a Hat and Sunglasses


This is the most common way to prevent sunburn, although most don’t necessarily do it for that reason.

People wear hats and sunglasses because they look cool.

Heck, it’s like some people wear hats even when they’re sleeping.

Now, if you want to protect yourself from the sun, these items can help.

Baseball caps are great, but something more like a bucket hat would work best.

For sunglasses, even the $5 ones you see at the gas station will do.

5. Hydrate


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Not only while you’re out in the sun but a whole day before you get out there.

Hydrating and staying hydrated is a great way to prevent sunburns and is a must in general.

Staying hydrated helps your skin produce sweat, which in turn, will cool your skin and prevent it from getting burnt.

So the next time you think that chugging a 6-pack in the hot sun is cool, remember that you still need to be hydrated.

Is the Sun Really Bad For You?

I know we want to protect ourselves from anything and everything we encounter in life, and that includes the sun.

However, I think that the way we go about dealing with the sun is a bit extreme.

I believe that God put the sun there for a reason, and, well, we just can’t live without it.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t do any harm, either.

The sun can cause heat exhaustion, and give you sunburn, and there are even people who have sun allergies.

Like everything else in life, we need to go about things in moderation.

There’s a reason why we get fat (too much eating, not enough exercise) and there’s a reason why the sun can harm us.

Although we can’t live without the sun, we still need to do our part in preventing things like sunburn and other heat-related injuries.

How Healthy is the Sun?

The sun provides a lot more than we think.

If you sat down to think about what it does for us, you’ll be amazed.

Not only does it prevent us from freezing to death, but it provides the necessities for everything to grow.

Not to mention the natural light that we use to go about our “day.”

The sun is essential for our well-being as it provides the vitamin needed for our bones, preventing diseases and our overall mental health.

That’s the same reason why I always recommend getting outside, regardless of how much you want to binge on Netflix all day.

Is it Okay to Be in the Sun Every Single Day?

Of course, it is.

In fact, it’s actually really good for you.

Don’t let these health nuts and those that stay in the house all day scare you from something that provides for the lives we live.

The sun.

Now, you need to do your part and follow the tips on this list or you’ll find yourself having more problems than sunburn.

Conclusion – Prevent Sunburn With These Tips

We can do what we can to prevent sunburn but there’s only so much we can do.

Apply some of the tips on this list and limit your time in the sun and you should be just fine.

Besides that, I hope you can find enjoyment in whatever it is that you are doing outside.

Great job in thinking outside the house and remember to stay safe.

Whether you are camping or simply walking, remember to protect yourself from the sun, but not so much as to look some kind of crazy.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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