Hypershell Review: Legit Product or Horrible Idea?

I might not be as excited about this product as some of you are, but I figured I’d give my two cents with a Hypershell review.

I’m not a huge fan of praising anything and everything that comes my way, but I am a fan of awesome products that actually work.

I’m also a fan of helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of launching and selling their products, but I’m not a fan of others not following through with their promises.

Whatever questions you might have about this new thing, this somewhat of a Hypershell review will help you make a final decision.

Like you, I’m not in the business of throwing money away, and I’m definitely not in the mood for anyone to steal my hard-earned money.

And that is why I have looked in and out, up and down, and I’ve scoured the web to see what others have to say about the Hypershell.

With that research, I hope you find the information you’re looking for.

Hypershell Review – Product Overview

New Product
Hypershell Exoskeleton

Hypershell is your new outdoor assistant that can help with the heavy lifting. And if you're like me and age is finally kicking your butt, I'm sure the Hypershell has caught your attention. Get the help you need, and let Hypershell get you through your next adventure.

What is Hypershell?

Hypershell is an exoskeleton that helps get you through the extra mile in life that seem to kick you in the butt.

Whether you’re out for a run, hiking, or backpacking, Hypershell will offset all the extra weight you have to carry.

Whether it be some gear or just your natural body weight, Hypershell is designed to take the load off your feet.

What You Should Know About Hypershell


Before making any purchases, you always want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

Not only should you get something of decent quality, but you want to make sure you’re getting an actual product.

Being very familiar with products like Hypershell, I know exactly how they work and what is needed to obtain one.

So, before you pull out that credit card, here are several things you should know about the Hypershell.

Hypershell is Crowdfunded


First and foremost, the main thing you should know about Hypershell is the fact that it is crowdfunded.

That means in order to go through with production, the company needs support from people like you and me.

Once they reach their goal, then production will start.

If you see the screenshot above, you will see that over $1 million has been paid by backers, which means they have surpassed their initial goal.

Hypershell Will Ship in October 2023

It’s no fun to pay for something and have shipping delayed.

I guess when you know when to expect a product, even if it’s months away, it’s not that bad.

You don’t have to check on your package every day, wondering when it will arrive.

That’s what you can expect if you were to purchase the Hypershell Exoskeleton.

If you decide to get Hypershell today, don’t expect it to arrive until at least the latter part of October.

With the way shipping has gone with products these days, I wouldn’t count on anything coming in on time.

My First Impression of Hypershell

When I first saw the Hypershell product, I really didn’t know what I was looking at.

After watching the campaign video, I soon realized I was watching something pretty interesting.

I felt like this thing would help me become one of my childhood favs, Robocop.

That’s one thing that caught my attention, but there were other things that I liked about the Hypershell.

Definitely a Cool Idea

Not everyone is optimistic about products like this, but I am one that needs to see and feel things before I count them out.

Hypershell seems like it can help people like myself that are getting up there in years but still want to get outside.

If you’re hiking and you have children, I’m sure you can see that this could come in handy.

Hiking is one of the better activities for kids, so don’t let your health be the reason you’re not getting out often.

The Price For Hypershell

If you want to back Hypershell, you can do so on the Indiegogo website.

It’s safe and trusted and is a hub for product creators that are looking for people to get help to launch their new inventions.

Hypershells are going to retail at $599, but you can get the early bird special if you decide to help fund this project.

There are three Hypershells to choose from, and they all range from $339-$799 for their early bird specials.

Prices can change at any time, so ensure you’re getting it at the best price possible.

See Current Price

Will Hypershell Work?

That seems to be the big question in everyone’s mind and one that we can’t really answer.

I’ve seen a few YouTube videos that seem to support it, but no one can tell unless you’ve actually tried it for themselves.

I mean, if this thing can even give me a slight boost while walking, I think it’s a win.

Don’t confuse this with assistive devices like you would find with those that have multiple sclerosis, as this is more for the outdoor enthusiast.

There’s a lot that needs to be answered, but we can only do so once the product is shipped and in the hands of its consumers.

Until then, we can only hope that they start producing them and getting them ready to ship.

Hypershell Review – Conclusion

Overall, this doesn’t seem like a bad product.

I like the idea, but you can’t really tell if this will actually work as advertised.

I have not seen anything like it before, and I do think they will do well.

Remember that this is still a crowdfunded project, so only get this if you have the means to do so.

Now, you tell me.

What are your thoughts on the Hypershell?

Will you be supporting this project, or do you think this is a horrible idea?


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